Customized solutions to fit your needs.

We approach engagements to:


  • •  Understand the clients’ goals and values – what is the most important change for you?
  • •  Develop a plan and timeline that aligns with those goals and values, enabling systemic impact and being attentive to the client’s capacity to learn.
  • •  Check in during the process to see what’s shifted and adjust the plan as needed.
  • •  Conclude the engagement with insights and action commitments to sustain positive results.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is the effectiveness of living systems of relationships and does not depend on an individual heroic leader but rather in leadership practices embedded in a system of interdependencies at different levels within the organization. (Fletcher and Kaufman, 2003). Everyone is a leader in some capacity. And we can all use some help figuring out how to be our best leader selves. Partnering with the client and the organization, we follow a three-pronged approach to coaching:

  • •  What’s Up? (Wassup? If you are from Philly)
  • •  What Matters?
  • •  What’s Next?

We are skilled in administering assessments to increase self-awareness and extend leadership agility through improved relationships and team building. As needed, we will incorporate appropriate assessment tools into the coaching or consulting engagement. We are certified in the following:

  • •  Hogan Leadership Forecast Series and Hogan 360
  • •  KornFerry Leadership Architect & Voices 360
  • •  Neethling Brain Instrument
  • •  eq-I 2.0 and the EQ360 and TESI

Sue helped me progress in my new role. I wanted to challenge my team to see what we would look like in 10 years. Sue partnered with me to think and act differently and helped me to empower my team so they could work through the details on how we get to the future. They took ownership, drove the actions and we came up with a great plan. Sue was really instrumental in helping me roll that strategy out successfully.

Kristin Houston

Vice President, Tiltrotor Programs at Boeing

Career Transition Coaching

We are certified in the GetFive career transition coaching methodology. We leverage the following 5-step process to get your dream job or at least one that pays the bills:

  • •  Reignite: assessments and targeting
  • •  Retool: resume, LinkedIn and two-minute pitch
  • •  Reach: networking, direct contact, search firms and job boards
  • •  Relate: interviewing
  • •  Reinforce: interview follow-up and salary negotiation, onboarding success

Sue was my coach during a pivotal year for me—I’d just left a beloved job of 14 years to pursue a new line of work. It was a job I’d long wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure the best way to navigate the business end of a creative career. Sue gave me the guidance and perspective to make the most of that year, and the tools to flourish once we no longer met weekly. Thanks to Sue, I’m more confident managing my business, and I often think, “What would Sue suggest?” or “How would Sue have me prepare?” She taught me to see opportunities that I might have missed; she was consistently a solid sounding board and has a good sense of humor to boot. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who’s going through a career transition.

Lisa Whiteman

Award-winning Photographer

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a learning intervention designed to increase the collective capability and performance of a group or team, through application of the coaching principles of assisted reflection, analysis and motivation for change. (Clutterbuck, 2010)

We are certified team coaches and work with teams to achieve their objectives through goal clarity and goal management, utilizing Clutterbuck’s PERILL framework:

  • •  Purpose and motivation
  • •  External processes, systems and structures
  • •  Relationships
  • •  Internal processes, systems and structures
  • •  Learning
  • •  Leadership

Coach Supervision

Coach Supervision is a collaborative learning process to continually build the coach’s capacity through reflective dialogue, interpretative evaluation and sharing of expertise, in a supportive and safe environment. The benefits to participating coaches may include:

  • •  Increased self-awareness and resourcefulness
  • •  Greater confidence
  • •  Increased objectivity
  • •  Heightened sense of belonging
  • •  Reduced feelings of isolation

We offer both individual and group supervision, incorporating Hawkins & Shohet’s, Seven-Eyed Model emphasizing the interpersonal aspect of coaching and supervision.

  • •  The Coachee and their Context
  • •  The Coach’s Interventions
  • •  The Relationship between the Coach and the Coachee
  • •  The Coach’s Awareness
  • •  The Supervisory Relationship
  • •  The Supervisor Self-Reflection
  • •  The Wider Context


We facilitate customized workshops to:

  • •  Develop leadership and management skills
  • •  Strategic plans
  • •  Teamwork

We complete organizational assessments to determine what’s working and opportunities to enhance culture, strategy and organizational effectiveness.

We have worked extensively in nonprofit organizations to better serve their constituents and ensure the necessary capital to sustain the nonprofits mission.

From a workshop for sales leaders at West Pharmaceuticals, feedback was positive:

“I like how you engage the audience to keep attention, but also to make everyone think! Well done!”


We have worked with clients ranging from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies, across industries, including Owens & Minor, MainLine Health, Stanford Healthcare, KPMG, PwC, West Pharmaceuticals, IPG, XenoPsi, 1010data, Owens & Minor, BCG, Melmark, CoStar, Hudson Bay Consulting, Sensio, ToysRUs, Coca-Cola, Xerox, and JPMorgan.

Executive Coaching:

  • •  Coached the Regional Vice President of Sales in a Fortune 500 healthcare company to enhance his leadership skills, increase engagement of his direct reports and raise sales productivity.
  • •  Coached the Area President of a Fortune 500 services company, starting with the Hogan Leadership Assessment, creating a self-development plan to enable him to hone specific leadership skills anticipated for career advancement.
  • •  Coached the Regional Vice President of Sales in a Fortune 500 company, starting with the Hogan Leadership Assessment, creating a self-development plan to increase his leadership competencies. Coaching plan and outcomes led to increased engagement of his direct reports and his team exceeded budgeted annual sales targets.
  • •  Coached the Managing Director of a Big Four Accounting Firm, starting with the Hogan Leadership Assessment, creating a self-development plan to increase overall effectiveness in giving and receiving feedback and deepening relationships with key stakeholders. Completed mid-point and final 360 feedback reviews to validate progress.
  • •  Coached the Vice President of a Fortune 500 company, enabling her to step up her leadership skills, moving from day-to-day tactical to strategic mindset.

Sue’s experience and knowledge provides her the ability to deliver insightful and actionable coaching. Sue is passionate about helping her clients to excel at their goals; she drives her clients to think differently and take calculated risks. By quickly building a strong connection and high level of trust, I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and build my development plan. Thanks to Sue I have stronger confidence in myself, increased leadership potential and greater awareness of my professional ambitions.

Kelly Mistry

Senior Manager, Navigate

Team Coaching:

  • •  Coached an executive team sponsored by the CEO of a Fortune 500 healthcare company to drive effective implementation of long-term strategic initiatives based on accountability, engagement, and execution.
  • •  Coached the CEO and his leadership team of a privately-held training and consulting firm to enhance their team effectiveness and drive improved operational results.

Other Leadership Engagements:

  • •  Developed and co-facilitated a series of experiential workshops for 30 high-potential leaders in an advertising agency focused on key attributes of leadership.
  • •  Coached multiple leaders in the retail industry as part of a 3-month long leadership development program designed to deliver a combination of formal learning with brief, targeted coaching for key segments of the company’s leadership pipeline.
  • •  Managed a confidential 360 Executive Feedback Program on behalf of the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization with annual contributions of over $6.4 million and provided recommendations that resulted in 50% of the executive team being replaced.
  • •  Produced conferences for The Conference Board, including Women’s Leadership, Organization Design, Change Management, and Transformational Cost Management. Keynote speakers that received standing ovations included: Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company, Daniel Lamarre, CEO of Cirque du Soleil and Colonel Thomas Kolditz.

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