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Virtual Group Coaching Supervision

You’re a professional coach and a continuous learner. What’s next for you? Working with a coach supervision group can benefit you in a number of ways: 

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater confidence in your coaching
  • A process to objectively reflect on a client session
  • Deepened sense of belonging
  • Learning from other seasoned coaches
  • Increased resourcefulness

Margaret Walsh and I are delighted to offer our virtual Fall group supervision programs. As you and your colleagues look for ways to continue your professional growth, please consider joining us to explore coaching cases, frameworks and adult development research. We are offering six one- hour group coaching supervision sessions via Zoom at 5pm Eastern on the following Tuesdays:

  1. August 11th
  2. September 8th
  3. October 13th
  4. November 17th
  5. December 8th
  6. January 12th

Or if you prefer mid-day, we are offering six sessions at 12pm Eastern on the following Fridays:

  1. August 14th
  2. September 11th
  3. October 9th
  4. November 20th
  5. December 11th
  6. January 8th

Total price for each of these programs is $250, which, as a bonus, includes a one-hour individual coaching supervision session. As one participant from our recent program shared, “just presenting a case helped me to see more clearly what is going on and some options to address the issues.”  ICF Credential-holders may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching Supervision as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal.

Each coaching supervision group is limited to six coaches so please RSVP early.  

*Coaching supervision is a formal process of professional support which ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice through interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation and the sharing of expertise. (Bachkirova, Stevens and Willis, 2005)

Please RSVP by July 31st. Happy to answer any questions you might have!

Sue and Margaret

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